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February 2018
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Our Up and Comers


On August 4th there was a wonderful article in the New York Observer about one of our  dear up and rising clients. “For many of the important ocasions in my life, I have bought Vanessa Noel Shoes,” said Hadley Nagel….

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Sex and the City!

Grazia Page1

Sex and the City: The Movie featured the best of the best of fashion and Vanessa Noel’s Stretch Alligator boots took a front row seat at at Bryant Parks Fashion Week scene on the long legs of……

Kim Cattrall.


Dressed in Thigh high black Stretch Alligator Boots by Vanessa Noel and a white Mink coat, Kim slipped on the ice but was caught by her trusty gal pals on the way in. Once inside She took a front row seat for the fashion shows. Nothing looks better than 4 feet of stretch alligator.

Kim fake blood

Oh the things we do for fashion.

Cooper Robertson & Partners

Front 1

Over the past 2 weeks the Partners at Cooper Robertson have been in the New York Flagship location photographing it for their portfolio.  Here are some of the architectural photographs…..

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Vanessa on 2 The Max!


On Sunday July 26th Vanessa was invited to be a guest voice on “2 The Max” Max Tucci’s show on LA Talk Radio. Shoes, Relationships, and Hotels…. Click through to listen to the audio.

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Walk on

Ack Pony

This shoe ironically called ACK named after the airport call sign for Nantucket Island who’s claim to fame is being the busiest airport of its size on the east coast due to all the private planes….

Ack Alli Brn

This shoe is perfect for jet setters stepping on or off planes anywhere or chicly walking down the street. A must have in leopard Hair Calf, and the ultimate in Alligator. Arriving this week in at both the New York and Nantucket stores in the most beautiful muted fall suede colors.

A Week of Tweets

Celebrity Drop-ins !

Eva Larue

Eva Larue

Just hours before the annual Friends of the American Ballet Theatre Gala fundraiser at the Metropolitan Opera House Eva Larue, star of CSI:Miami, and Count Oscar Maximillian Tucci stopped in to pick shoes for her outfit that night……

[singlepic id=123 w=400 h=400 float=center]

Not only did she pick a beautiful pair of Rose Gold sandals she also replaced the pair she came in wearing with the pair of Zebra pumps she has on in the picture above in the Graffiti room at the Vanessa Noel flagship store in NY.

[nggallery id=6]

Summer Reading

Nantuket Nights

Are you looking for a great August vacation read? Why not read about three of the best things….

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How to make a heel


I shot this video in my heel factory outside of Milan. I was there designing a new heel for the upcoming collection. This is the creation of the prototype, there is nothing like the passion in the hand of an artisan creating luxury.

Joel Mills Beauty Day

Joey Mills

My dearest friend and famed makeup artist Joey Mills invited his three favorite women over for a day of beautification. Joey has done over 1600 magazine cover shots and is solely responsible for the look of Brooke Shields in the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign……

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