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April 2018
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Soleful Lobster Risotto

Last week when I was in Nantucket I was so excited to hear my close friend Perla Meyers, author of 9 award winning New York Times best seller cook books and the Travel writer for the Herald Tribune and NY Times was staying at my hotel.

While there She requested that the two of us make [...]

London Brides

Planning a wedding in London? Mark Niemierko is London’s finest wedding and event planner.

Walk on

This shoe ironically called ACK named after the airport call sign for Nantucket Island who’s claim to fame is being the busiest airport of its size on the east coast due to all the private planes….

This shoe is perfect for jet setters stepping on or off planes anywhere or chicly walking down the street. A [...]

Summer Reading

Are you looking for a great August vacation read? Why not read about three of the best things….

How to make a heel


I shot this video in my heel factory outside of Milan. I was there designing a new heel for the upcoming collection. This is the creation of the prototype, there is nothing like the passion in the hand of an artisan creating luxury.

Fun Times and Fast Cars

Well… Antique Cars!!!  Count on the Count, Max drove into the city today just to take me out for a drive.  Max and Derek came all the way from Greenwich in his newly tuned up 1929 Mercedes SSK….

The Final Touch

When you purchase a pair of Vanessa Noel shoes you know that the highest level attention to detail has gone into each and every pair. This is a video of Carmalita hand packing every pair of shoes that is made. Even the little toe stuffer is shaped and placed in the shoes by hand.

Teaching Emma to use an iPhone

On my parents plane to Nantucket Mike taught Emma, my mother how to use an iPhone. Just a little guidance and mom ran with it. The next 20 minutes she spent exploring the application looking at the Channel and Akris fall shows, then found her way to the Channel video of the most recent show in Paris with out any guidance. Just a short [...]

From the other side of the plane

3 hours in Nantucket and already in the plane about to take off for NY. Oh the fun of private travel…..