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June 2009
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Celebrity Chef Dinner Party

[singlepic id=102 w=400 h=480 float=center]
The other night celebrity Chef Fritz Knipschildt owner of Knipschildt Chocolatier, Chocopologie Cafe, and recent contestant on the Food Networks: Chopped cooking show, Came to Vanessa’s home to prepare a chefs tasting menu for a specially selected short list of Vanessa’s friends. Read on to see who got to enjoy the [...]

The King of Fabric

Christopher Hyland Inc. has the most wonderful collection of the finest fabrics in the world. His patterns truly are the best…..

Park Time

Become a jogger, a speed walker or just stroll through Central Park when the flowers are blooming in spring……

The Perfect Alligator

I was at one of my tanneries that I work closely with choosing first quality skins for my next collection when I shot this video. All the white chalky colorless skins are….

The Magic of Madame Paulette

Just when we thought the days of the poof were over due to a little accident from one of our canine clients……..

Chinese New Year Party

Year of the OX
My Chinese horoscope sign is an Ox…So bring on Lychee martinis, dumplings and tons of great friends.  Take note:……

New York Windows

I thought it would be nice to share some images of the NY flagship store windows for those of you that are not in NY and can not come see us whenever you like. This this was our window that we installed for the last NY fashion week……

Teaching Emma to use an iPhone

On my parents plane to Nantucket Mike taught Emma, my mother how to use an iPhone. Just a little guidance and mom ran with it. The next 20 minutes she spent exploring the application looking at the Channel and Akris fall shows, then found her way to the Channel video of the most recent show in Paris with out any guidance. Just a short [...]

From the other side of the plane

3 hours in Nantucket and already in the plane about to take off for NY. Oh the fun of private travel…..

The first from Vanessa’s iphone

Woooooooo hooooooooo this is my first blog post ever!!!